Even if the butterflies flutter in the stomach, and each date is a real holiday, at the beginning of any novel, sometimes awkward situations arise. Do not blush and embarrassed: these are natural satellites of the development of relations. What stories make us worry and how do we reassure ourselves?

1. What is our status?

Whether we are a couple or not? Can we talk about the partner « My boyfriend » or « My girlfriend »? As a rule, a woman is experiencing more on this topic. It is more important for her to know in which they are with a man status, when they begin to meet when they get together and when they live together for a long time, but the proposals of the hand and heart do not receive. But it happens and vice versa!

2. Hygiene issues

At the beginning of the relationship, personal hygiene issues cause special awkwardness. Embarrassment can cause the smell of a partner’s skin, and the need to go to the toilet (“fake a nose”), and an unwashed head. People want to show themselves in the best light, so at first they have to be more secretive and vigilant in these situations, so as not to “scare” the partner and not spoil the opinion about themselves. Who has not heard stories about women who woke up before a loved one to make a makeup? Or did not relieve cosmetics at all at night?

3. Financial questions

The issue of money at the beginning of the relationship also causes discomfort. Everyone needs to get acquainted with the financial model of the second half. Who pays for whom in a restaurant, who buys food home, whose responsibility is utility bills at the beginning of life together? If disagreement arises, there will be even more embarrassment. But you will have to come to a mutual decision anyway, so it is important to tune in to the conversation and boldly discuss all the issues that disturb you.

4. Individual disadvantages and bad habits

No one is perfect, everyone has their own characteristics and bad habits. When the relationship arises, I want to look very good in the eyes of a partner. You can also hide and pretend, but not for long: the truth will come out anyway. In addition, in this case, one partner will have to spend resources on bulging, and the second then an unpleasant surprise awaits. This can cause conflicts, so it is better not to hide such secrets for too long.

5. Discussion of past relations

Neither men nor women give pleasure stories, the more detailed, about the former partner. Sometimes the past must be left in the past, and extra information can ruin a romantic mood.

6. Acquaintance with the environment of a partner

Exciting is the moment of acquaintance not only with parents, but also with friends. Both partners feel awkwardness and embarrassment. One is worried about how friends will accept the new chosen one, the other feels responsibility to like and impress.

7. Discussion of intimate issues


Certains empêchent une expérience négative passée lorsqu’ils ont demandé quelque chose du partenaire précédent et il a répondu: «Fu, comment pouvez-vous offrir de tels? Vous êtes un pervers?  » Et vous savez kamagra gelee était faux, mais toujours nerveux quand vous allez parler à mon homme présent. Sentant votre nervosité, il se tentera de commencer cette conversation à ce moment-là lorsque vous vous sentez calme et confiant.

area of relations usually requires special delicacy. Excessive activity and haste can put a partner in an awkward position. It also happens that women out of desire to like do not talk about their desires and do not refuse intimacy, even if they are not yet ready for her. Honesty and respect for oneself and another are important here.